When do you roast?
We typically roast 3 days a week - Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday - right here in the space we share with our coffee bar on East Main St.

How do you price your coffee?
We categorize all of our coffees into tiers based on aspects such as rarity, taste and quality. The cost we pay for a green coffee plays a large part in determining what we sell it for.

How do you buy coffee?
This is a multifaceted topic, but in short, we purchase high-quality specialty coffee through importers with good reputations for paying producers well, building the specialty coffee community and for being transparent.
Coffee is an agricultural product and we treat it as such, meaning we buy coffee as fresh as we can get it. We typically buy new coffees quarterly or as they become available throughout the year based largely on global harvest periods.

Why purchase through an importer?
We find incredible value in the complex and highly-demanding job an importing company does. Sourcing, evaluating and purchasing coffee is an endeavor that requires skill and savvy...and often a fair amount of capital. While we love to visit origins and to meet producers, we are pleased to leave the sourcing and logistics of coffee trading to the experts. We purchase much of our coffee through Cafe Imports, and in turn they provide us with decades of experience.