Single-Box Curated Subscription

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The Velo Coffee Single-Box Curated Subscription offers a small variety of our coffees with two plan options that focus on the flavor profile you want at an average price.
You'll get a rotating selection of one 10oz box of whole bean Velo Coffee, delivered to you (or a friend) every 1-4 weeks.
Option #1
These coffees really shine in their consistency and approachable characteristics. Tasting notes often include chocolate, nutty, and heavy fruits.
This subscription is for those who want coffee to taste like coffee. Really good coffee.
If you savor your daily routine and hate surprises, this is the option for you!
Examples of past Velo coffees that would be included in this option are the Peru Lima, Mexico CESMACH and Colombia Cauca.
Option #2
These coffees are special and they know it. They push the barriers of how coffee is traditionally processed as well as include a bit more traceability and care in regards to farming and sourcing. Tasting notes may quite complex and include sweet fruit, higher acidity, and tea-like qualities.
Those who truly want the "bartender's choice" and are willing to venture into more experimental coffees will enjoy this option.
Examples of past Velo coffees that would be included in this option are the Ethiopia Kayon Mountain, Guatemala Huehuetenango and Microlot coffees.
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