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Microlot Colombia - Luis Anibal Calderon

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We're introducing our new Microlot Jar series with this washed Colombia from Luis Anibal Calderon. This new series features 6oz of whole bean coffee in a reusable glass jar, offering a convenient and eco-friendly way to enjoy our top tier coffees.


Process method: Washed
Origin: Colombia
Region: Cauca
Origin: Colombia
Region: Huila
Farm/Producer: Luis Anibal Calderon
Elevation: 1450 masl
Variety: Pink Bourbon
Main Crop: October-December
Fly Crop: June-August

Our coffee is packaged whole bean by default.
Please indicate in the notes during checkout if you need your coffee ground, and what brewing method you'd like it ground for.

Importer Notes

Luis is a Huila Best Cup 2016 top 30 finalist. He was given a very small lot as a gift from his father, and, since then, has been expanding and applying better methods of processing techniques. Coffee has changed the style of his life: He and his family work together as a team to run the farm. He collects only ripe cherries, ferments dry for 25 hours, then moves the coffee to his parabolic dryer for an average of 25 days.

Pink Bourbon is cultivated from hybridization of Red and Yellow Bourbon. It's very rare, but the producers say it is quite resistant to rust. Pink and Orange Bourbons are very difficult to produce with consistency. The recessive genes leading to the expression of these colors are easily thwarted by the presence of yellow and red genes in a given pollen grain. A carefully isolated and contained lot can do quite well and preserve the unique color and character of this variety, though this is quite hard to find.