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If there were ever a time to spread some LOVE in our community, it's now.

We've restructured our classic, crowd-pleasing Boneshaker Tee by adding a little more LOVE and a cause to support. We are donating $5 from every LOVE Tee sold to Action Caleb, a nonprofit organization here in Chattanooga that seeks to bring organizations together to affect change. Specifically, we are choosing to donate to their Hamilton County Bail Fund.

"The American court system was based on the concept of innocent until proven guilty. Yet for people who find themselves jailed until proven innocent, exercising their rights puts them in an impossible situation. Bond makes wealth, not safety, the primary determinant of whether a person can get out of jail. 

Three days in jail can ruin lives. Whether guilty or not, the stability of life is at risk. Lower-income earners are more likely to lose their jobs because of multi-day incarceration. Families lose a caregiver. The pressure to plead guilty to charges that can’t hold up in a trial increases with each day. Such a decision can have effects that last over the course of their lives. Inability to pay bond results in higher rates of conviction, longer sentences, loss of housing and jobs, separation of families, threatened loss of access to needed medication, and lost custody of children. 

This is why CALEB has launched the Hamilton County Community Bail Fund, a revolving-fund account that posts bond for eligible defendants so families can be reunited while an individual prepares for their day in court. When the case is closed, this money comes back to the fund to be used for the next defendant. Learn more at, and join us as we advocate to end cash bail in Hamilton County."

Cream, Super soft Next Level Apparel. 60% Cotton 40% Polyester

Screen printed in Chattanooga, TN by Ourluck Screenprinting. Inquiries can be sent to