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Curated Gift Subscription (shipping included) - 6 Month

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Signing up for the Velo Coffee Subscription plan means we send out two 12oz boxes of whole bean coffee, delivered to you (or a friend) once per month for 6 months.

We'll pick out a variety of everything Velo Coffee Roasters has to offer, and you'll get all the credit for a great gift. 

We've got a little something extra for our gift subscription customers, too. Every three months, you'll receive a specially roasted coffee - available only to subscribers.

One more thing we're throwing in - some exclusive Velo merch that will come with the first coffee shipment. 

We'd love to talk if you've got more questions. Shoot us an email at

If the 6 month gift subscription plan isn't quite what you need, you can always subscribe to any of our other coffees to receive the same convenience of regular delivery and a discount to boot.


10% off our regular subscription price - $151
$5 Flat Rate Shipping for 6 months - $30
Total: $181