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2 oz. Pouch

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Choose from a selection of our 2oz. sample pouches.  Each pouch contains enough to make about 30 oz. (or a small pot) of coffee.  The small bags are heat sealed and contain a degassing valve, just like our 12 oz. bags.

Please indicate in the notes if you need your coffee ground, and what brewing method you'd like it ground for.  

For a selection of four different coffees in 2oz. pouches, check out our Roaster's Select Variety Pack.

Learn more about the available coffees on the links below:

Central Costa Rica, Finca La Margarita

Ethiopia, Kayon Mountain

Ethiopia, Tega and Tula

Colombia, Finca Ipia

Colombia, Narino

Honduras, Finca La Cueva

Mexico, Nueva Linda

Peru, Cajamarca

Decaf Colombia, Cauca 

Boneshaker Espresso Blend