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Espresso and Draft Service

Velo offers mobile espresso and draft coffee catering services along with our “coffee by the gallon.” Each of these services can be requested individually or combined to offer guests a “full service” coffee bar similar to the one in our roasting facility. You can also expect the same professional service from our baristas that you receive in our shop.

In order to run our Espresso Cart, we simply ask for access to two 15 amp, 110 volt circuits during the desired service time. Our Draft Cart requires no electricity and can easily be set-up in minutes.

We ask for at least two weeks notice to reserve either cart for an event. We will respond to inquiry forms on our website as quickly as we can and in the order in which we receive them. We can provide price quotes upon receiving our standard catering inquiry form.

Once you’ve received a quote from us, we require a deposit of $200 to reserve the date for your event. We will do our best to accommodate any changes needed for a scheduled event, but we ask for at least 7 days notice.

Espresso Service

We offer a fixed espresso menu for a variety of private events in the Chattanooga area. Our menu, much like that of our coffee bar, is designed for efficiency and simplicity. We offer a single espresso offering and the following menu for most events:

  • Espresso
  • Americano
  • Cortado
  • Cappuccino
  • Latte

Draft Service

Our mobile draft cart can accommodate up to three cold drink options. Our “standards” are:

  • Niterider Nitro
  • Cascara Pop
  • Bunnyhop


Both the Espresso Cart and the Draft Cart are priced equivalently, and are always manned by two or three of our professional baristas for every event.

We serve for a minimum of two hours for any event with each additional hour costing $150 (per cart).



One Cart

Both Carts

Up to 100 guests

Two hours of service



100-200 guests

Two hours of service



For events with 200+ guests, please email to discuss options.

Espresso & Draft Service Add-on, Miscellany

Custom draft drinks and special menu considerations can be made upon request.

We use locally sourced, non-homogenized whole milk for all milk-based espresso drinks along with oat milk as an alternative.

Hot Coffee

We provide hot coffee by the gallon. It comes to you in a large, insulated container with a spigot, making self-service easy for you and your guests. You can expect the insulated coffee servers to keep the coffee either hot or cold, respectively, for 4+ hours.

Coffee in both the blue and red tiers are sold at the same price with a small premium added for the selection of a white tier coffee. Please reference the attached document for our current, seasonal coffee offerings for catering. Our current coffee selection can also be found on our online shop.

We provide 8 ounce paper cups as standard for hot coffee orders. That means a gallon of hot, brewed coffee will yield roughly 15, 8oz. servings.

We charge $2/person for hot coffee with everything included.

Cold Coffee

Our Cold Coffee is made using our Black Label Coldbrew Concentrate and filtered water. The mixture is diluted to the same strength as our canned Cold Coffee or an iced coffee served from our bar. It comes to you in the same insulated containers we use for serving hot coffee. Typically, we incorporate ice into the insulated container so the Cold Coffee is plenty cold and ready to serve.

We provide 10 ounce clear plastic cups along with your iced coffee order. A gallon of iced coffee will provide roughly 12, 10 oz cups.

We charge $2.50/person for iced coffee with everything included.


All orders- hot and cold- come with cups, lids, cream/milk, sugar (simple syrup with iced coffee) and stirs.

In short, you tell us how many people you would like to serve and we will provide everything your guests expect. We charge per person in order to make our cost structure as straight-forward as possible.

If you only need brewed coffee and none of the fixins, let us know. Price per gallon is $24.

Paper goods, labor and Miscellany

Orders of coffee by the gallon (without cart service) can be picked-up at our facility on East Main Street, or delivered within a 10-mile radius for an additional fee. If you are in need of a Velo team member to serve your guests please contact us for details.

We typically ask for at least 48 hours notice for orders up to 15 gallons, while larger orders require more prep time for roasting.

Please allow at least 7 days notice for any coffee by the gallon order. 

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