Velo Coffee Roasters Party For No Reason

Velo Coffee Roasters - Party For No Reason

November 6, 2021 - 8am to 8pm

509 E Main Street, Chattanooga, TN


  • Velo Drink Specials all day
    • Espresso Tonics
    • 2-for-1 Espresso Ciders
  • Bojangles Biscuits @ 8am
  • Group Coffee Ride @ 8:30am
    • Join us for a ~5 mile group bike ride. Come prepared with your camp coffee kit to brew once we arrive at our destination. If you don't have your own camp coffee set up, come anyways and we'll have brewed coffee available.
  • Lil' Market featuring 5 local vendors from 11am-4pm
    • Bean & Bailey
    • Alpine Leather Co.
    • Poor Taste
    • Broken Ankles
    • Scaredy Cat Co.
  • Second Group Bike Ride @ 12 noon
    • Casual pace, medium difficulty group ride over mixed terrain, included pavement, gravel and non-technical single-track.
    • More details can be found on Strava by clicking here.

  • Live Music from 3pm-7pm
    • Mel Washington
    • Jaron Utt
    • Citico
  • Alcoholic beverages by Bitter Alibi from 3pm-7pm
    • Beer, wine & spirits
  • Whole mess uh' Hot Dogs & fixins' grilled personally by Andrew Gage