We are thrilled to introduce you to an all new line of Velo Coffee packaging. The design incorporates historical core elements of the Velo Coffee brand into a confident, current expression of identity as we eagerly look ahead.

It’s fast. It’s human. It’s matte black. 

Working artist J.W. Butts (Mute0n) incorporated many items that we use daily at the shop into his artwork, featured on the side panels of our new box design. These items bring an organic and interconnected element that balances the slick front and back panels of the box. It’s important to us moving forward that we continue to source the highest standard of quality possible, which is why this box looks and feels so luxurious. We are honored to share it with you.

Along with our new packaging launch, we have chosen to raise our prices of whole bean coffee. Global demand is outpacing supply while an added strain is placed on production from labor shortages and climate change. The fact of the matter is, the industry is changing. Coffee is becoming more expensive to produce and we must adjust in order to remain sustainable. This means that our commitment to value and quality as well as the future of our company and its employees, requires this price increase. 

All we have left to say is thank you, dear customer, for your vital part in this commitment and support of Velo Coffee.