10oz Microlot Natural Nicaragua - Los Encuentros

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10 oz. box of whole bean coffee

Proces: Natural
Origin: Nicaragua
Region: Jinotega
Farm: Los Encuentros
Producer: Diédericks Gadea
Farm Size: 17 Hectares total; 9 Hectares Coffee
Elevation: 1230M
Variety: Catuai
Harvest: March - May

Once in a while, we get our hands on a really exceptional coffee like this one. The care given to producing such a coffee is apparent in the quality and complexity of the cup.

We are working to offer coffees of this caliber more often and with them, more traceability.  We love to learn about coffee and we want to share that information with you, the customer, as a move towards increased transparency, traceability, and quality.


Notes from our Importer

Los Encuentros is a small farm owned by Diédericks Gadea and nestled in the mountains of Northern Nicaragua, 80 Km north of the City of Jinotega. There is a deep love and culture for the countryside of Los Encuentros, an inheritance from Gadea’s family. Diédericks’ parents taught him from a very young age to produce corn and red beans on the farmland he grew up on, and he often recalls the day his grandfather gave him a cow as a gift. This cow became the first and integral piece of valuable property he saved to be able to purchase land for his farm. Los Encuentros eventually became the first farm to produce Eco Forestal coffee in the surrounding community, an environmentally-friendly system that integrates hardwood trees, fruit trees, banana plants, cover crops, and coffee. Nowadays, the area is totally reforested and some endangered species like the white-tailed deers, have returned to their woodlands.

Images provided by Balzac Brothers