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Guatemala, San Emiliano

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12oz box of whole bean coffee

Tier: Microlot
Farm: San Emiliano 
Producer: Santos Emiliano Bautista López
Importer: Cafe Imports 
Variety: Bourbon, Caturra, Catuai
Harvest: March '19
Size: Appr. 2.5 hectares 
Elevation: 2200M 
Milling: Washed three times 
Drying: Dried on patios 
Fermentation: 24hr underwater
Finish Phase: First crack

Importer Notes

We source microlot coffees for their rarity and high standard of quality. Guatemalan microlots, in particular, are often impressively diverse, complex, and dynamic. This coffee from Sipacapa, in the department of San Marcos, Guatemala is no exception. We sourced this coffee specifically for a partnership project between the Tennessee River Gorge Trust and local artist Justin Butts to create a brand new label for Velo. The Tennessee River Gorge Trust has been working alongside the Petén Birders Association to study neo-tropical birds that migrate from the department of Petén, a region just northeast of San Marcos, to the Tennessee River Gorge, here in Chattanooga, TN. We are excited to launch this label as the first of many collaborations between Velo, countries of origin, and local artists and conservation groups here in Chattanooga.

The Tennessee River Gorge Trust has worked tirelessly since 1981 to protect and conserve the Tennessee River Gorge, a unique and biologically diverse area that serves as an important breeding ground for many migratory birds and other wildlife. They regularly conduct research on bird species that rely on the Gorge for habitat, as well as test water quality and carry out amphibian and reptile surveys. For the past four and a half years, the Trust has focused specifically on bird migration within the area. Calling themselves a “steward of the Gorge”, the Tennessee River Gorge Trust strives to better understand its ecosystems in order to make educated and productive conservation decisions. Their focus on education and joining diverse communities together through research is a lot of what makes us thrilled to support their work.

Two dollars from every box of San Emiliano sold will directly support the Tennessee River Gorge Bird Observatory. Through tracking the migration of multiple bird species, the Tennessee River Gorge Trust has been able to link breeding populations in the Gorge with their winter homes in Central and South America and the Caribbean. The Trust has also partnered with La Paz Chattanooga to develop a cultural and scientific exchange between the communities of Chattanooga and Petén, Guatemala through the Petén Birders Association. Many of the birds that migrate to the Gorge every spring, such as the Louisiana Waterthrush and Worm-eating Warbler, come from the same countries that are former homes to many local Chattanoogans. Through community events, presentations, and education programs, the Tennessee River Gorge Trust plans to help the community embrace and connect Chattanooga with its South American counterparts.


More information about the Tennessee River Gorge Trust and their Bird Observatory can be found here.


About the artwork: Operating under the name, Mute0n, J.W. Butts is a working artist based in Chattanooga, TN. His work includes murals and collaborations on projects with artists in Chattanooga, Birmingham, Chicago, Atlanta, and Austin as well as live paintings and an abundance of commission work for posters, t-shirts, skateboard companies. For the new label, J.W. Butts used nature elements of the coffee origin as well as the neo-tropical bird species tracked by the Tennessee River Gorge Trust as inspiration for the label. You can view more artwork by J.W. Butts here.