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Colombia - Finca Ipia

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12oz box of whole bean coffee

Process method: washed
Origin: Colombia
Region: Nueva Jerusalem, Jambalo, Cauca
Farm/Producer: Six farms owned by members of the Ipia family
Elevation: 2190–2300 masl
Variety: Castillo, Caturra, Bourbon

Importer Notes

This coffee is part of the Farm Select program with Banexport in Colombia, an initiative that aims to support producers with the tools they need to improve their coffee quality, gain access to better prices, and make lasting connections with committed specialty buyers. Through its Farm Select program standards and protocols, Banexport identifies producers who are willing to utilize advanced techniques and technology in order to produce a better cup; provides them with education and support toward that end; and, through a close and collaborative partnership with Cafe Imports, connects them with buyers who are interested in developing mutually beneficial, long-term and reliable buying relationships.

The Farm Select program has several specific elements, including:

The use of Brix and pH meters for optimal harvesting and fermentation
Farm soil analysis and fertilization guidance
Sensory analysis training and support
Fixed per-pound pricing for producers above both the C market price and the daily market price set by the FNC in Colombia
Training and higher compensation for pickers on Farm Select farms ($600 pesos per kilo compared with the national standard $300 pesos)
The Ipia family combined six lots into this Farm Select offering, and each contributing family member grows one or more of the following varieties: Caturra, Castillo, and Bourbon. Each family member utilizes the same processing techniue: The coffee is first picked ripe, then "double fermented" by being kept in a hopper for 12 hours after being depulped, then fermented for 22–24 hours in a tank. All the coffee is dried in parabolic dryers, and it takes between 15–20 days, generally speaking.

The Ipia family includes:
Maria Georgina, Finca El Cafetal
Angel Maria Ipia, Finca Caña Dulce
Jose Lisandro Ipia, Finca El Vergel
Jorgelina Medina, Finca El Mirador
Victor Armando Ipia, Finca El Manzanar
Luz Elida Peña, Finca El Vergel